The European Parliament’s adoption of the European Health Data Space (EHDS) has been introduced by the Commission. These initiatives represent vital pillars of a robust European Health Union designed to safeguard citizens’ health and bolster healthcare system resilience.

The EHDS, proposed by the Commission in May 2022, has dual objectives:

  • Empowering citizens by placing them at the core of their healthcare, granting them full control over their data to foster improved healthcare outcomes across the EU.
  • Facilitating the utilization of health data for research and public health endeavors, subject to stringent conditions.

With the implementation of the new regulations, EU citizens will enjoy seamless access to their digital health data while within the EU, regardless of their location. For instance, healthcare professionals treating patients abroad will have the ability to access pertinent information from the patient’s home Member State when necessary. This measure is poised to enhance evidence-based decision-making, mitigate redundancy in tests and examinations, and elevate the standard of patient care.

Moreover, the EHDS establishes a robust legal framework governing the reuse of health data for research, innovation, and public health objectives, ensuring compliance with stringent EU data security and access standards, fundamental rights, and cybersecurity regulations. The data gleaned will contribute to the development of life-saving treatments and personalized medicines, as well as enhance European crisis readiness.

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