She graduated in biomedical engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. She achieved her doctoral degree (PhD) in the discipline of biomedical engineering from the Polish Academy of Sciences. She is a graduate of the “Biomaterials-Materials for Medicine” postgraduate studies at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

She has a practical knowledge of ICH GCP Good Clinical Practice E6 (R2), clinical trial monitoring, clinical trial design and conduct in accordance with MDR Regulation 2017/745 and ISO 14155. She has highly developed technical and analytical skills, improved through years of professional experience and studies at Technical Universities.

Author and co-author of scientific papers and patents. An internal auditor of ISO 13485. She is involved in the medical device sector since 2010.

She has experience in designing, managing projects (including international projects) and clinical investigations of medical devices. She has prepared 40+ technical documentation of medical devices, and successfully implemented 20+ medical devices into production. Additionally, as a technical expert, she participated in the CE certification process for Class I-III medical devices.

She is a coffee lover, appreciate minimalism and simple solutions, in spare time she designs interiors.

Selected scientific publications

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