During clinical trials, the sponsor and the investigator manage high volumes of clinical data. Proper organization and planning of activities related to data management allows for efficient reporting and monitoring of all the trial elements. Implementation of a proper data collection system will ensure their optimum acquisition.

Depending on the client’s expectations, we are able to provide traditional means of data management and electronic data collection systems. We earned the trust of our clients and government bodies supervising clinical trials by ensuring proper consistency in collecting, integrating and verifying clinical trial data.  

Electronic data reporting systems provide quick access to data from many trial sites.  Our staff is tasked with entering all data into final reports in an effective and correct manner. Our specialists have many years of experience in working on different eCRF platforms, which enables our employees to quickly adapt to a multitude of systems and enter data fast.


What is an eCRF system?

The term eCRF refers to an electronic system for collecting and managing clinical trial data.

How to manage clinical trial data?

The manner of collecting and managing clinical trial data should be determined at the trial design stage. It provides a certain mode of conduct or software used for performance evaluation.